Wind measurement with WINDCUBE v2.1

The measurement of wind fields with the LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging) gains more and more importance due to the requirements for temporally and spatially high resolution wind field measurements in the lower air layers. Standard wind measurement masts (~ 100m) are often too small for economic reasons and require an extrapolation of the wind data. This procedure includes great uncertainties about the exact wind conditions at hub heights and beyond. The increasing hub heights (~ 130 / 160m) and rotor diameter (> 120m) require reliable information about the wind profile for heights up to 200m. The precise knowledge of the wind profile and shear are enormously important in the area of planning and optimization of wind farms (hub heights, shear over the rotor surface ...)

Wind profiles in complex and wooded terrain often do not fit the theory. A LiDAR system like this offers the possibility to determine the wind profile above the mast as well as additional modifications of the profile in complex terrain. With WINDCUBE v2.1 even in moderate complex terrain bankable wind profile can be created without mast.

The current LiDAR systems in the wind energy industry are robust, compact and can usually be transported or installed and deinstalled by one to two people. By using a Trailer System   with integrated independent power supply, it becomes the ideal system for field use. Thus very interesting for short-term measurements (Quicklooks) z. B. in the site search or for the power characteristic measurement of wind turbines.

Prices - LIDAR measurement campaign

WINDCUBE v2.1 (1 - 24 Weeks)

CHF 1'900 per Week

  • plus services, equipment and VAT

WINDCUBE v2.1 (25 - 49 Weeks)

CHF 1'800 per Week

  • plus services, equipment and VAT

WINDCUBE v2.1 (from 50 Weeks)

CHF 1'700 per Week

  • plus services, equipment and VAT

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